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Jacks Tool Shed

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We are a small-town company that strives to provide great products and excellent service. We carry the full line of products from each of our vendors but only list the most popular items here. If you are looking for something you don’t see, let us know!


Aurum by Mirage


Think smart, Think cool, Think Mirage

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HVAC Mirage Inc. is a company with over 25 years of experience in the HVACR industry. Their brand started in Mexico and currently stands as the #1 brand in sales for inverter Mini Splits. Having entered the US market 2 years ago, they have had an excellent response rate from customers and HVAC professionals. We look forward to your joining the Mirage Aurum family.

Xtreme Visibility

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High Quality, High Viz Clothing at affordable prices.

Xtreme Visibility offers high quality garments that cover all of your high-visibility clothing needs.  Customization and custom orders available. Contact us for more information.

SioGreen Tankless Water Heaters

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The SioGreen Infrared Tankless Water Heater introduces the newest generation of electric water heaters. Using heating elements composed of Infrared Quartz allows the water and the carbon component heating to remain separate, while controlling the temperature to the exact degree. Unlike most water heaters, SioGreen hot water systems will never corrode or build lime scale. The product is completely maintenance free, saving up to 65% of the water heating costs, and could maintain itself for 20 years.

General Pump

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General Pump balances technology and engineering. They bring you the exact pump products you need, backed up by industry knowledge and decades of expertise. They supply pump products for a wide variety of markets and applications, and are unfailingly committed to our customers’ satisfaction and success.

Cargo Nets

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Jacks has carried cargo nets for years. These multi-use nets serve many purposes and are sturdy and long lasting. JTS Cargo Net Ultra-Duty Strap - 12' x 12' - 2000 LB Cap. Medium sized for securing medium payloads, takes up very little space. Corners are elongated for ease of installation.