How to save a Monk Seal - a compass??


Meet B18,

B18RichardsonBeach12262015_30 (1)

he is a monk seal in Hawaii.

Monk Seals are having a tough time of life these days but there is a tireless group of people in Hawaii working tirelessly to educate people and children on the monk seal and their plight!

Jack's Tool Shed is proud to have been working with this program to provide a reminder give away that the children can keep to help them remember to watch out for the monk seal and help in their plight.

A group of volunteers go around to the schools in Hawaii to educate children on the plight of the Monk Seals and what they can do to change their future. As a reminder of the program the educators give away a pair of compass binoculars that the children can keep and hopefully use to spot Monk Seals!  Jack's Tool Shed has provided these compass/binoculars for years and is proud to support such a valuable program.



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