• April 13, 2017

  • November 30, 2015

    Why do some stainless steel pans seem to resist food sticking to them?

    Why are some just easier to cook with?

    It's all in  the details!

    SONY DSC 12 Quart Dutch Oven with Colander & Dome 

    These pans have seven layers.  Why?

    By using advanced metal-working techniques and a 7-ply design on all sides, these pans have layered pure aluminum and the finest surgical stainless steel available to create cookware that is unequaled in efficiency and durability.

    But what does that really mean to you, the chef?

    When the stainless steel is so well made food sticks to it less. It is durable, beautiful, easy to clean and chemically non-reactive. With the interior layers of aluminum create even heat distribution and quick heat conduction. Surgical steel with titanium adds a bonding layer for added strength. This pan will last a life time! The Ferric steel layer allows cookware to be used on induction cook-tops and retains heat.

    Other Cool Features:

    The skillet with poaching rack has a 3 in 1 whistle, lock and vent

    10 inch Induction Skillet w Poaching Rack Cups & Tongs 10 inch Induction Skillet w Poaching Rack Cups & Tongs

    The whistle indicates that your food has reached the proper cooking temperature. The vent setting allows you to release vapor without whistling. Choose the lock setting to lock in moisture, nutrients and flavor.

    Cool Grip Handles

    Ergonomic handles created with your comfort in mind. Extremely durable, withstanding up to 350 degrees, the Cool Grip design eliminated the need for pot holders. The slide-out ring allows for easy hanging storage.

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