SioGreen SIO18 18kW/80A/220v Infrared Electric Hot Tankless Water Heater No Corrosion No Limescale Whole House

ONE SHOWER & TWO SINKS: Cold Inlet Temperature 37F-52F
TWO SHOWERS: Cold Inlet Temperature 52F-62F
THREE SHOWERS: Cold Inlet Temperature > 62F
INFRARED TANKLESS WATER HEATER: Using Coil-less Technology energizes your water with quartz infrared energy that creates heat without requiring direct contact of metal for heating with the water.
NO CORROSION, NO CALCIUM & LIMESCALE DEPOSITS: Only the water you use is heated. Without water sitting AND Non-Metallic, you have minimized your chances of bacteria and algae accumulating in the water. Ideal for hard water areas, well water.

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Previous technology, which accounts for a majority of the homes today, will heat a tank full of water from the inside with metallic heating elements. The elements eventually corrode and efficiency decreases rapidly. This leads to high electricity bills, unhealthy water, and expensive equipment costs for maintenance or product replacement. In most electric tankless designs, water flows past heating coils to produce the on-demand hot water, rather than keeping it stored. However, the results are still the same. Our Engineers first decided on a completely non metallic heating tube, that would be resistant to corrosion, hard water deposit build up and could inject heating BTUs into to water as it passed through the heat exchanger. Their choice of media to use was Quartz. Not only is there an abundant supply of Quartz worldwide, it is also recyclable! Quartz heating tubes have been used for many years because of its rapid thermal properties and stability after many years of use without any deterioration. A patented coating was applied to the outside of the Quartz tubes to reflect or contain the Far-Infrared Energy to heat cold water as it passed through the heating chambers. Far-Infrared energy is safe and is known to condition hard water deposits.

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