SioGreen Point of Use Series

SioGreen Point of Use Series

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These SioGreen POINT-OF-USE electric tankless hot water generator utilizes the latest technology in quartz infrared heating elements to achieve higher efficiency, safety, longevity, environmentally friendly and save you money.

Now you can select the right Point of Use model for your home or business, with easy installation. The IR technology energizes your water heater with far infrared energy to heat, condition, help minimized bacteria and algae, while breaking down hard water deposits and it is also self-cleaning and maintenance-free operations.

All water heaters rely on a heating element of some description; generally, this is in the form of hot metal components.

When metal elements are implemented into an on-demand boiler the biggest problem is that only the water in direct contact or the immediate vicinity is heated; this can reduce flow rates considerably to achieve hot water.

Infrared works at a molecular level and IR Quartz Coilless Technology is the only hot water generator in the world to take advantage of this.

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